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Hunger Stops Here
We donated $60,000 to local food banks to support our members' communities during the COVID-19 crisis.

Here's how we're helping in our communities:

Our local food banks need our help right now, and so do all of the individuals and families that have been impacted by COVID-19. That’s why NMB decided to donate $60,000 ($20,000 to each of the organizations listed below) to help support our communities.

Please join us in supporting your local food banks by making a donation to your local food bank or one of the food banks listed below. If you choose to donate by clicking on the ‘Donate Now’ buttons below, we will cover ALL of the GoFundMe fees so that 100% of your donation goes to the food bank. When you donate, please leave a comment to let us know which community you would like your donation to support.Thank you for joining us in helping our communities!

Peyton’s Promise Food Bank  |  Wausau, WI

“We are so grateful to National Mutual Benefit for their extremely generous donation of $20,000 to Peyton’s Promise!

So many of our friends and neighbors, in need, will benefit from this donation! We work with 30 Central Wisconsin food pantries and 3 Central Wisconsin School Districts, purchasing food for their pantry shelves. Peyton’s Promise offers a streamlined way to get cash donations converted into food items and delivered to local pantries: cash donations are accepted online, local Central Wisconsin pantries request food items online, the orders are filled by LOCAL grocery stores who graciously provide generous discounts to leverage the funds spent, and finally our wonderful youth helpers (advocates) and their families pick up of the food items at the stores and deliver the food to the various pantries. Many helping hands make the process work!

The number of food pantry requests has increased dramatically during this COVID-19 pandemic, but given generous recent individual and business donations, such as the one from National Mutual Benefit, we have been able to purchase and deliver nearly $13,000 worth of food in March 2020 to local pantries in need. Having businesses, charities, schools, grocery stores and students work together to fight hunger during this frightening time brings hope to many! We are lucky to live and work in such a generous caring community.”

– Bryan Bloemers, President of Peyton’s Promise

Fresh Meals on Wheels  |  Sheboygan County, WI

Fresh Meals on Wheel of Sheboygan County serves over 300 individuals each week. The majority of our clients are elderly, though the youngest to date was 6 years old. Our clientele comes from every socio-economic background. 

More than 40% of the people we serve have some type of cognitive impairment, usually dementia, and then Alzheimer’s. These clients in particular are being severely impacted by recent events – those who require standardized schedules do not know what to make of our current reality.  

We are a 501c3 and serve all of Sheboygan County, but sometimes we head over the borders when the surrounding counties decline to serve rural residents. We believe ALL people should be able to eat. We reach EVERY community in our county and have the maps to prove it. Because volunteers seem to like pinned maps, we keep large local maps on our walls, and every single neighborhood has been pinned.”

– Kelly Anderson, CEO of Fresh Meals on Wheels of Sheboygan County Inc.


Spearfish Community Food Pantry  |  Spearfish, SD

The Spearfish Community Pantry provides nutritional assistance to individuals and families in the Spearfish and St. Onge communities. Our non-profit, 100% volunteer pantry is operated by eleven churches who round up additional volunteers to serve the 250 families that utilize the pantry each month. These families represent approximately 600 people of which 30% are children.

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic increasing the unemployment rate, our Board of Directors has established a new protocol in handing out food to clients according to CDC requirements. This will help maintain the safety of our clients and volunteers. We also anticipate that the COVID-19 crisis will increase the number of families requiring food assistance. Our board has projected a 30% increase in local families needing assistance. With this increase comes additional financial burden for the pantry.

We look at our pantry operation as a spiritual ministry, and what a blessing it was to receive a call from Becky Helmberger, National Mutual Benefit Agency Manager, and hear NMB had a $20,000 donation for our food pantry. What perfect timing to receive a financial boost during these critical times when families are unemployed and struggling to make ends meet.”

– George Vansco, Board President of Spearfish Community Food Pantry

Help us make a difference! Here are more ways

Members Take Action

Apply to receive funding for a local project of your choosing that helps your community during the COVID-19 crisis. We've got plenty of ideas!

Feed Our Heroes

Donate money to purchase a pick-up meal from a local restaurant for a local hero in your area to enjoy with his or her family.

Thank Our Heroes

Members can order free thank you cards to send to heroes in their area, including healthcare workers, first responders, and grocery store workers.

Follow the action as it unfolds!